2011 Nissan Leaf

Electric vehicles are ideal green cars because they don’t require any gas, but America’s poor charging infrastructure has left owners and potential buyers worried about getting stranded if the battery dies. This is a common concern among electric car shoppers and AAA is offering a solution.

The company, known for its roadside assistance program, unveiled its new mobile charging stations last week. Trucks will quickly charge a dead battery on an electric vehicle like the Nissan Leaf and upcoming Mitsubishi i-MiEV.

AAA’s mobile charging trucks will be outfitted with two different chargers, a level two charger and faster level three charger. “The fast charger is designed to work with quick-charging systems compatible with the CHAdeMO protocol, and on the Leaf, it can charge the electric car to about 80% capacity in as little as 30 minutes,” Cars.com’s Kicking Tires reports.

AAA Spokesperson Christie Hyde told Bloomberg that the company will start testing with six tucks in August in California, Florida, Georgia, Oregon, Tennessee and Washington.

The official announcement of AAA’s new mobile charging station trucks is expected to be announced in July at the Plug-In 2011 Conference and Exposition in North Carolina, Edmunds Inside Line reports.

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