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A new vehicle lease saves you money by keeping your monthly payments lower than they would be with traditional financing – and you get to choose a new car every few years. Auto manufacturers offer a wide array of attractive lease offers and specials, with payments that can save you money over what you'd pay to finance a new car purchase. Just know that to take advantage of these offers, you typically need to have excellent credit, so check yours before you speak with a dealer. Learn more about how leasing a vehicle works, including leasing versus buying and common leasing mistakes, so you can make the most of these lease offers.

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Last Updated: May 05, 2017

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SUV leases are a good option this month, with payments on SUVs like the Buick Encore and GMC Terrain staying just under $200 per month. Payments on a Mazda CX-3 lease are a bit higher, at $199 to $264 per month, depending on trim. Larger SUVs tend to have larger lease payments. The Nissan Murano, for example, has lease payments that start at $259 per month.

Car sales have been sluggish recently, and automakers are trying to rectify that with impressive lease offers. You can lease a Honda Civic for $169 per month (a $10 decrease from last month). The midsize Toyota Camry is larger than the Civic but has a lower monthly lease payment at $159 per month. The Kia K900 may not come from a luxury brand, but it has luxury features and the lease payment to go with them at $499 per month. For a more prestigious brand but smaller, less opulent car, go for the Acura ILX at $219 per month, or split the difference with the Infiniti Q50 at $270 per month or the BMW 3 Series at $379 per month. Your monthly lease payment may vary depending on the model you choose and your location.

Leasing is just an alternative way of borrowing money to pay for a new car. When you finance a new car, you borrow money for the entire purchase price and pay it back in monthly installments. When you lease a car, you only borrow money to pay for the depreciation of the car while you drive it. Instead of financing the entire price of a new car, you only finance a portion. Because you're borrowing less money, monthly lease payments tend to be lower than if you buy a car.

There are several advantages to leasing a new vehicle instead of purchasing one. It allows you to drive a new vehicle every few years, and you don't need to worry about upkeep as a new car ages and begins to break down from wear and tear. Additionally, new car leases tend to have lower monthly payments than new car purchases. But don't lease a new car without doing your homework.

To find out if one lease is better than another, look at your total lease cost, not just your monthly payment. After all, a car lease with low payments can also come with a hefty down payment. To find the total cost of a lease, multiply the monthly payment by the number of months in a lease, then add in the total money due at signing (which usually includes the first month’s payment), as well as other fees. Also keep in mind that going over the mileage allotment in your lease can cost you, so if you routinely rack up the miles, leasing may not be for you. Learn the ins and outs of buying vs leasing, leasing mistakes to avoid, and if leasing a new car makes sense for you.

If you'd rather buy, check out our car deals page to see this month’s best car sales and financing incentives. Also, check out our AcuraBMWCadillacMercedes-Benz, PorscheAudi, ToyotaNissanFordHondaChevroletHyundaiKia, MazdaJeepDodgeRamBuickGMC, SubaruLexus, and Volkswagen deals pages to see brand-specific lease specials.

While we strive to keep the deals listed here up to date, these lease offers can change and may not be available in all areas. The best source of information on current lease deals is your local dealer. Use the form next to the car you’re interested in below to contact a dealer near you.

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