12 Best Car Deals This October 2020

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Save Money with One of October’s Best Car Deals

October is traditionally a great time to buy a new car. It's when automakers and their dealers strive to clear the lots of current model year vehicles to make room for next years’. This October, carmakers are being especially generous, with fabulous cash back and financing deals. 

Of course, this being 2020, things are a bit different. There are still shortages of certain models, trim levels, or popular colors due to plant closures from the coronavirus pandemic. If you find a deal on your dream car, you’ll want to move quickly to get the best selection. 

The offers fall into two categories: Cash back offers simply lower the price you pay, and you don't even have to negotiate the discount. Financing deals reduce the amount of interest you'll pay on your car loan. The best financing deals are 0% offers, which eliminate interest costs entirely. 

This month’s deals include massive cash back deals on a variety of models, ranging from the 2020 Buick Enclave’s $6,250 rebate to as much as $7,000 cash back on the 2020 Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid. There’s even a surprising $4,500 discount on the 2020 BMW 5 Series

Though there aren’t as many seven-year financing deals available this month as earlier this year, there are plenty of six-year, 0% financing offers available. It’s not a good idea to take out a seven-year car loan anyway, so you aren’t missing anything. 

Some of the best 0% offers this month are on vehicles that do great in our new car rankings. They include the 2020 Hyundai Santa Fe midsize SUV, 2020 Ram 1500 pickup, and 2020 Kia Optima sedan. 

We understand that many shoppers don’t want to spend hours at dealerships while the COVID-19 pandemic still rages. That’s why the U.S. News Best Price Program now helps you find local dealerships with comprehensive online buying programs and home delivery options. 

Many of this month’s best car deals are shown on the following pages. Dealers may not have the vehicles listed, or stock may be limited. You’ll need excellent credit to take advantage of most financing deals and many cash back offers. 

Unless otherwise noted, the deals on the following pages expire on November 2.

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