9 Car Brands With the Best Discounts for College Students and Grads

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These Automakers Want to Reward Your Hard Work

Graduating from college is an exciting experience with a lot of changes, some of which can be quite expensive. If you’re starting a new job or moving to a new city, you might want a new vehicle, too. The good news is, most mainstream automakers offer rebates or discounts to recent college grads. These promotions are more than a generous goodwill gesture on the automakers’ part; they’re an investment in growing their customer bases. If you feel good about your new car purchase, you’re more likely to stay with that brand.

Like most new-car promotions, these offers generally require the customer to finance or lease the vehicle through the manufacturer’s preferred financing program, which means that customers must qualify for the loan in addition to meeting the program’s educational requirements. Most manufacturers also want to see proof of eligibility, so be prepared to provide documentation of your educational status. Let’s take a look at which brands have the best deals.

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