Still, that doesn't mean that buyers who don't want to spend much will end up with terrible cars. On the other hand, an affordable car isn't always a bargain.  While automakers strive to meet consumer demand for affordable, fuel-efficient cars, shoppers are left trying to get the most for their money -- and realizing that they have to make some compromises. Sure, it may not be so hard to forgo an in-dash CD changer if you already have an iPod, but what about A/C or side-curtain air bags? To help you find the best affordable new car for you, we take the seven new cars available today for under $13,000 and look at their performance in the U.S. News overall rankings of 29 affordable small cars. We've found that some of the cars are worth their (small) prices, and others are worth passing up. 

Low Price Losers: These Cars Just Aren't Worth It

Chevrolety Aveo

Ranked #27 in Affordable Small Cars

MSRP: $10,235 - $13,920, MPG: 24 City / 34 Hwy

The Chevy Aveo doesn't offer much more than the satisfaction of knowing that you got it cheap, which makes it one of the worst cars under $13,000. Test drivers say it's underpowered and bland-looking. Fuel economy is subpar for its class. Though it performs well in government crash tests, the Aveo lacks much of the accident avoidance and crash protection equipment that comes standard in other affordable small cars. It does, however, feature a roomy cabin and abundant cargo space.

Toyota Yaris

Ranked #23 in Affordable Small Cars

MSRP: $11,550 - $14,650, MPG: 29 City / 36 Hwy

The Toyota Yaris seemingly has a lot going for it, including roomy front seats, loads of cargo space, and Toyota's reputation for quality. Even so, test drivers find that it lacks power, offers few interior features and most dislike its cutesy styling.  If you do decide on the Yaris, be sure to spring for the optional side air bags, as the Yaris performs poorly in side-impact crash tests without them. Available as a sedan or hatchback.

Bargain Buys: Get A Lot for A Little

Kia Rio

Ranked  #10 in Affordable Small Cars

MSRP: $10,890 - $14,465, MPG: 32 City / 35 Hwy

The Kia Rio has the bare necessities -- sufficient power, good fuel economy, six standard air bags, and a long warranty -- but lacks many of the standard features people expect in a new car. While the base model doesn't come with an audio system, air conditioning, or power windows and locks, reviewers say the Rio is surprisingly comfortable and refined. For increased cargo space, check out the pricier Rio5 hatchback.

Hyundai Accent

Ranked #12 in Affordable Small Cars

MSRP: $10,775 - $15,375, MPG: 27 City / 32 Hwy

The Hyundai Accent features standard safety equipment not typically found in vehicles at this price point and also has loads of cargo room. It's also backed by one of the longest powertrain warranties in its class. Like most economy cars, the Accent has poor acceleration, a harsh ride, and dull styling--but it's not meant for the track anyway. Available as a sedan or three-door hatchback.

Nissan Versa

Ranked #12 (tie) in Affordable Small Cars

MSRP: $12,880 - $15,980, MPG: 26 City / 31 Hwy

Those realistic about what 13K can buy will like the Nissan Versa. Reviewers say it falls short of competitors in terms of performance (and gas mileage), but appreciate its comfortable five-passenger cabin, six standard air bags, loads of cargo room and unique styling. Available as a sedan or five-door hatchback.

Kia Spectra

Ranked # 15 in Affordable Small Cars

MSRP: $12,895 - $16,995, MPG: 23 City / 30 Hwy

The Kia Spectra's biggest drawback is its noisy engine and soft handling. Otherwise, its comfortable cabin has adequate space for four passengers and comes with plenty of safety features. Available as a sedan or the five-door Spectra5 hatchback.

Smart Fortwo

Ranked #19 in Affordable Small Cars

MSRP: $11,590 - $13,590, MPG: 33 City / 41 Hwy

The petite Smart fortwo may be an urbanite's dream: small enough to fit in tight parking spots, easy on fuel and head-turning. However, it has little established safety or reliability history and only comes with a two-year/24,000-mile warranty. What's more, the fortwo is iffy on the highway and Smart recommends premium gasoline.

For a close look at these and other affordable options, see our full small car rankings or our slideshow of the Best and Worst Cars under $13,000.