10 Best 4th of July Car Deals

2017 Ram 1500
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Celebrate Independence Day With a Great Car Deal

The Fourth of July is a day full of family, fun, and fireworks. It can also be a time to get an amazing deal on a new car. Manufacturers have 2018 models coming soon, so they’re looking to start clearing their lots of 2017s. Their eagerness to sell is your opportunity to save.

Some of the best new car deals are on midsize and compact sedans. Hyundai is offering a spectacular cash back offer on their Elantra, while Toyota is trying to move the last of their highly rated 2017 Camrys to make room for the arrival of the redesigned 2018 model.

If your summer plans involve towing an RV or a boat, check out the generous cash back offers on the 2017 Lincoln Navigator and Ford Expedition. Redesigned 2018 models of both are coming soon, so Ford and Lincoln are offering some of the biggest cash back and zero percent financing deals we’ve ever seen.

Buyers need to pay attention to the fine print on any car deal they find. Some offers are limited by where you live, where you purchase, or to a limited percentage of dealer stock. Occasionally, a deal will only apply to a particular trim level or vehicles with a certain option package. To be sure you're getting the best deal available, you should talk to your favorite dealer or a manufacturer's online sales consultant.

Take a look at the following slides, where we’ve identified many of the best car deals available this Independence Day.