Best Four-Cylinder SUVs in 2020

2020 Mazda CX-5
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A Winning Combination of Fuel-Efficiency, Passenger Space, and Performance

Typical compact and subcompact SUVs aren’t built with track performance in mind. In fact, many of these SUVs receive criticism for their weak base engines. However, there are some small SUVs that provide respectable acceleration. Choose the right luxury subcompact or luxury compact SUV, or even a non-luxury option with its upgraded turbo-four, and you have yourself a peppy crossover that’s practical and reasonably fuel-efficient.

We’ve put together a list of compact and subcompact SUVs that offer a solid combination of power, fuel economy, and passenger space. All the vehicles on our list have four-cylinder engines that receive positive reviews from the automotive press. While some deliver acceptable power for daily driving, others are sure to impress, especially if you opt for an engine upgrade. We’ve ranked these SUVs based on their U.S. News overall score, which takes into account expert reviews, crash test results, and reliability data.

Most of the vehicles shown come standard with a four-cylinder engine. However, if the four-cylinder is optional, we specify the price with the upgrade. For example, the Ford Escape comes standard with a turbocharged three-cylinder engine, so the turbo-four costs extra. In cases where multiple four-cylinder engines are available, we provide information about available engine upgrades and cost.

At U.S. News, we update our scores and rankings on a regular basis as new data and expert research become available. For this reason, the scores in this slideshow may not match up precisely with the scores in our new car rankings and individual vehicle reviews.

Keep reading to learn about today’s best four-cylinder SUVs.

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