7 Best Luxury SUVs of 2017

2017 Tesla Model X
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Here Are the Year’s Best Luxury SUVs, According to U.S. News Scores

The luxury SUV market is very competitive. Many automakers turn out excellent vehicles, but only seven stand out enough (and earned high enough U.S. News scores) to be named the best luxury SUVs of 2017.

We based this ranking solely on U.S. News overall scores, which are in turn based on the consensus opinion of expert reviewers and safety and reliability data. Each of these luxury compact and midsize SUVs has a combination of qualities, including top performance, interior opulence, and cutting-edge technology.

Two are inaugural models from luxury icons Jaguar and Maserati; power-hungry drivers will be satiated with the F-Pace and Levante. Porsche is the only automaker with two vehicles on the list.

The luxury SUVs have other outstanding attributes besides performance. The Audi Q7 capitalizes on family-friendly features, and the BMW X5 boasts cavernous cargo space. The Porsche Macan isn’t just fast, it’s also the most reliable SUV in its class.

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