9 Best 2017 Luxury Cars

Audi A7
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There are many reasons to buy a luxury car. Sure, it will cost you more than a non-luxury alternative, but what you get in return is worth it to many buyers. If you crave the utmost in comfort, high-tech features, head-turning styling, and spirited performance, a luxury vehicle will suit you.

Luxury automakers pay close attention to the details, not only in the vehicle itself, but also in the consumer experience. Customer satisfaction is a top priority. Considering that you have paid for a premium model, dealerships feel compelled to spoil you. When you visit your local dealer, be prepared for ultra-comfortable accommodations, work spaces with internet access, and free goodies. Usually, they will also give you a complimentary loaner car, or even chauffeur you around.

Despite these benefits, most luxury car buyers make their decisions due to faith in the brand and the prestige associated with upscale ownership. Additionally, many luxury brand vehicles earn outstanding reviews and ratings.

Included here are the top-ranked luxury cars on sale now, according to the expert data that drives U.S. News & World Report’s rankings and reviews. U.S. News scores are based on expert reviews and data. These scores are being updated constantly, so make sure you check out our new car rankings to find the most up-to-date scoring possible.