Top 10 Hybrid SUVs of 2017: Photos and Details

Porsche Cayenne Hybrid
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Check Out the Best 2017 Hybrid SUVs

Due to the growth of the hybrid SUV segment, today’s SUV buyers no longer have to worry about spending tons of money on gas or spewing unnecessary tailpipe emissions. Automakers are now offering many popular gas SUVs in hybrid configurations, and some have added all-new hybrid-only SUVs to their vehicle lineups.

Hybrid technology has improved substantially over the years. Now, most hybrid vehicles don’t look or function much differently from their gas-guzzling counterparts. In fact, some offer more immediate acceleration, additional power, and a quieter ride due to their electric motors. Additionally, many come standard with all-wheel drive, since the configuration complements the combined gas/electric powertrain.

We’ve compiled this list of the best hybrid SUVs for the 2017 model year to help you make an educated buying decision. Each slide includes the vehicle’s base price, U.S. News score, and other pertinent information.

Remember that we constantly update U.S. News scores as new expert reviews and data become available, so the scores in our rankings and reviews may not match the scores in this slideshow.

Click through the following slides to learn about the best hybrid SUVs of 2017.

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