Lexus vs. BMW: Battle of the Brands in 2020

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Is BMW or Lexus the Better Luxury Vehicle Manufacturer?

Wondering whether the luxury German automaker BMW is worth the cost, when compared to Japan’s luxury Lexus brand? Lexus and BMW seem to share many lavish features and magnificent traits that are similar. If you’re going to drop cash on one of these upscale vehicles, you can be sure you made the right choice for your lifestyle after checking out this research on which manufacturer offers the better safety scores, reliability ratings, powertrains, design, and more details shoppers tell us are important to their decision-making processes.

In this article you will see how Lexus and BMW break down when it comes to a categorical head-to-head, looking at what these manufacturers offer in the categories of luxury hybrid and electric vehicles, luxury SUVs, luxury cars, luxury sports cars, and super luxury cars. Both BMW and Lexus offer similar types of luxury vehicles of all sizes, in a similar price range – and both offer luxury, upmarket features and cosmopolitan styles. However, you will find some key differences that set these two luxury auto brands apart. 

The scores in this article might not match those mentioned in individual reviews, since we constantly update our rankings as new data becomes available.

Read on to see how Lexus and BMW stack up one category at a time in this battle of the brands.

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