The 13 Best All-Wheel-Drive Sports Cars in 2020

2020 Porsche Taycan
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The Best Cars for All-Weather Driving Pleasure

Sport-utility vehicles are not the only rides that benefit from all-wheel drive. A full range of sporty vehicles now offer all-wheel drive in addition to, or instead of, their traditional front- or rear-wheel-drive layouts. While purists may scoff at the practice, adding all-wheel drive to a performance car has several advantages.

All-wheel drive adds traction over slick roads and enhances a car’s cornering abilities on dry pavement. The system splits the engine power between the front and rear axles to a set degree (sporty cars are usually rear-biased in this regard) and sends additional power to either as needed to negate wheel slippage. Electric cars employ all-wheel drive by placing separate motors at both axles. All-wheel drive both makes taking sharp curves at higher speeds more secure, and enables an added degree of foul-weather operation (the latter with all-season tires installed instead of so-called “summer” performance rubber).

We’re featuring U.S. News’ highest-rated sporty cars that offer all-wheel drive for 2020 in this slideshow. As always, keep in mind that we update our scores as new information becomes available, so the data in this slideshow might not match the most recent data in our reviews. Enjoy the ride.

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