The Fastest American Cars of 2020

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These Are the Fastest Cars Made in the USA

For many performance enthusiasts, there comes a sense of pride in owning a high-powered American vehicle. From modern muscle cars to extremely capable pickup trucks, and even supercars, there are plenty of fast, American-built cars on the market today.

But the definition of an “American-built” car has evolved. Many import automakers have brought production of their vehicles here. For example, Honda has been building cars in Ohio for over 30 years. So in the following list of fastest American cars, there are some models that don’t wear a badge from the Big Three. 

Excluded from this list are limited-run hypercars. The die-hard enthusiast may be familiar with the Hennessey Venom F5 and SSC Tuatara, but they will only be built in extremely limited numbers. We’re also excluding models that are still in the concept or pre-production phase, such as the Tesla Cybertruck and Ford Mustang Mach-E. 

Bear in mind that our reviews are continually updated as new information becomes available, so the rankings and scores you see mentioned here may not match those elsewhere on our site.

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