23 AWD Cars and SUVs With the Best Fuel Economy in 2019

2020 Lexus NX Hybrid
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Having All-Weather Traction No Longer Means Sacrificing Mileage 

For those living in the mountains or snowbelt, all-wheel drive can be more than just a feature. It’s a necessity – along with a good set of winter tires – when the weather turns frigid and roads become slippery. Having power sent to all four wheels can be the difference between getting stuck and getting to your destination. 

However, four-wheel-drive systems have traditionally meant giving up fuel economy. Their additional weight and the extra friction they create in the vehicle’s driveline can make the engine work harder. Luckily, this trend is changing as automakers prioritize fuel efficiency. Lighter all-wheel-drive components and more sophisticated, computer-controlled systems have improved the fuel efficiency of all-wheel-drive vehicles in the past decade. The newest technological advances, like hybrid-electric all-wheel-drive systems, virtually eliminate any fuel economy penalty.

The following slides show the all-wheel-drive vehicles with the best gas mileage, including gasoline-, diesel-, and gasoline-electric powered models. We’ve ranked these vehicles by their estimated combined fuel economy, according to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). 

Keep in mind that our scores and rankings are updated often as new expert research and data become available. This means that the scores in the following slideshow may not match up with those in each vehicle’s individual review.

Continue reading for more information about 2020’s all-wheel-drive vehicles with the best EPA-estimated fuel economy ratings.

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