All-New 2018 Lincoln Navigator: What You Need to Know

Lincoln Navigator
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Exterior Design

At the front, the 2018 Lincoln Navigator has an abrupt nose, which is home to a chrome grille with the marque’s logo in the center laid over a mesh of smaller Lincoln logo outlines. Sweeping headlamps grace the corners of the front of the SUV, while further LED lighting, hood creases, and air intakes make the Navigator appear beefier than its previous model.

As an owner walks toward their 2018 Navigator, the chrome Lincoln logo on the grille will softly illuminate. The lower front body and tail lamps are then lighted by LEDs and a welcome mat appears beneath the front doors.

On the sides, the Navigator has the same style of door handles and badging adornment you’ll see on the Lincoln Continental. Its beltline draws the eye toward the rear of the SUV, where LED lighting spans the width of the tailgate in true Lincoln fashion.

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