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2016 Alfa Romeo 4C Interior Review

Note: This interior review was created when the 2016 Alfa Romeo 4C was new.


Interior: 4.3

The 2016 Alfa Romeo 4C is unapologetically designed for performance, so if you want to ride comfortably, you should look elsewhere. The materials inside look and feel low-rent. Many surfaces aren't covered at all, leaving the 4C's monocoque body shell visible. The seats are difficult to get into and out of, and they don't recline very much.

There are very few interior features, and those there are, are less than stellar. Syncing your phone via Bluetooth or USB is frustrating, and the cabin is very loud, making it difficult to hear the radio at all. Finally, storage is lacking, both inside the cabin as well as in the trunk.

  • "Because saving weight was so critical for the 4C, there's little in the way of creature comforts inside. There are no armrests or glovebox; the seatbacks don't recline; the dashboard, instrument panel, door panels and seats are minimally adorned (if at all); the cupholders are useless; and there's essentially no in-car storage. This is one of the least useful daily-driving cars you can buy." -- Edmunds
  • "While it may the look the part from the exterior, the 4C's interior unapologetically detaches the car from any dreams of being a luxury vehicle. The seats are firm and the wheel feels good to the touch, but the rest of the interior materials are sub-standard, not too far removed from its FIAT 500 next-of-kin." -- Left Lane News (2015)
  • "One can't discuss the interior without mentioning the sound, or some would say noise. For such a small-displacement four-banger, it sounds very good - and you'd better like it, because you hear it all the time, at least in cars with the optional $500 racing exhaust." -- Cars.com (2015)


There are seats for two on standard cloth upholstery in the 4C Coupe. Leather is standard in Spider models and optional in the Coupe. The seats can only recline a little bit, so you'll be sitting upright whenever you're in the 4C. There's decent head- and legroom for such a small car, but you'll need to be nimble to get into and out of the seats. They are very low to the ground and the door sills are wide, making it a challenge to enter or exit gracefully.

Visibility to the front is good, but the car's shape makes it nearly impossible to see toward the rear. You should pay the extra cash for the optional rear parking sensors to help you when backing up.

  • "The view through the windshield is excellent, but the small windows, side mirrors, essentially useless rearview mirror and enormous blind spots make it a challenge in the real world. As such, the optional rear parking sensors are a must." -- Edmunds
  • "At 6 feet tall, I was just OK inside the 4C, but some people simply won't fit. Even those who do will find its low height and super-wide side sills (proudly displaying their carbon-fiber weave) a challenge to vault. In this, the 4C is once again like a classic sports car. Once inside I found legroom and headroom adequate. Visibility to the front is surprisingly good, but to the back it's appalling." -- Cars.com (2015)
  • "If you're looking to stay limber, getting into and out of a 4C every day could be just the thing. The low door sills are exceptionally wide -- and slathered with expensive-looking carbon fiber, incidentally. The seats are mounted below the sills and guarded by prominent side bolsters. In short, you typically end up falling into the car. Exiting can be even harder, especially if you have long legs to extract from the deep, narrow footwell under the steering wheel." -- Autotrader (2015)

Interior Features

The 2016 4C comes standard with a 7-inch digital gauge cluster and a premium Alpine audio system with HD Radio, satellite radio, a USB port, Bluetooth, and an auxiliary audio input. Optional features include cruise control and rear parking sensors.

The digital gauge cluster has very sharp graphics so you can easily check your speed and rpms. The center stack controls are easy to use, but syncing your phone with the audio system is a difficult task. The Alpine audio system doesn't have great sound quality, but you likely won't hear your music anyway because the 4C has a loud cabin, with lots of road and exhaust noise permeating throughout it.

See 2016 Alfa Romeo 4C specs »

  • "The stereo has Bluetooth and a USB connection, but its operation is hard to master and, well, rather futile since the 4C is so loud (especially with the sport exhaust system)." -- Edmunds
  • "Once you're situated in the driver seat, the 7-in TFT instrument panel is the first thing that jumps out. It's as crisp and colorful as a video game, with a central digital speedometer flanked by auxiliary readouts and encircled by a 7,000-rpm tachometer." -- Autotrader (2015)
  • "The ventilation controls are simple, universal knobs. The premium sound system, part of the Convenience Package, is baffling. Like the car itself, it marries the modernity of Bluetooth audio and phone capability with ... a removable faceplate?! Once I got it turned on, the sound quality made me grateful I knew how to turn it off. If you seek a navigation system or advanced active-safety features like blind spot warning or collision warning, you'll have to look elsewhere." -- Cars.com (2015)


Don't plan on loading your 4C up with luggage for a weekend getaway. It only has 3.7 cubic feet of trunk space, which is much less than most competitors offer; many rivals have more than double the 4C's cargo capacity. The midmounted engine is right next to the trunk, so it gets hot inside the compartment. Inside the cabin, the situation isn't much better, with very few storage spaces for small items.

  • "Cargo capacity is nearly nonexistent at just 3.7 cubic feet, and you best not pack anything heat-sensitive, as the trunk is adjacent to the hot engine." -- Edmunds
  • "The luggage space behind the engine is big enough to fit a carry-on size roller bag and maybe a jacket. I fit an overstuffed backpack, a camera bag, and a helmet with some work. There's no glovebox or armrests or cubbies or mesh pockets. Even the cupholders are miserable." -- Jalopnik (2015)
  • "The 4C's cabin storage is comparably unimpressive. There are two cupholders, but the glove compartment is actually a pocket barely roomy enough for some mail, there are no door pockets and the center console provides only a netted pocket large enough to secure a smartphone - but just barely." -- Cars.com (2015)

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