2009 Acura RL Interior Review

Note: This interior review was created when the 2009 Acura RL was new.


Interior: 8.9

Acura is known for interiors packed with high-technology features, which seem to work with a level of refinement and ease of use that many rivals can't match. The RL is no disappointment in that regard, but adds a new level of comfort, with more supportive and adjustable seats than in previous cars. The look is modern, with clean lines and flat seams.

  • "There is leather and comfort, enough computer-powered stuff to make even Bill Gates happy (just don't mention Vista)." --  MarketWatch
  • "The interior is spooky quiet. It looks good, too; the three available interior colors are handsome, and the dash isn't the random arrangement of buttons evident in recent Honda products." -- Motor Trend
  • "The RL's interior is a subtle blend of neutral colors and textures that creates a peaceful haven." -- Mother Proof
  • "Inside, things are mostly familiar, with some nice trim upgrades and a subtler palette than in our previous test cars. The much-lauded voice-control system has expanded its vocabulary to 700 commands, joining a few other such additions to an already-impressive array of cabin tech." -- CNET
  • "The long list of standard equipment carries over, so look very close to see the new RL's interior upgrades, including a fancier shifter and new front buckets with greater adjustability. A new interior noise-canceling system really does suck up the road rumble." -- Car and Driver


The new front seats of the 2009 RL are impressive, with six temperature settings and 10-way power adjustments. Rear seat passengers have more space than in previous editions of this car, but still a bit less than some rivals provide.

  • "On the comfort side, the front seats are heated, cooled, and 10-way adjustable, including lumbar." -- CNET
  • "Front seats have six levels of heating and cooling while rear seat passengers are afforded more room." -- Automobile Magazine
  • "The comfortable front seats now have ten-way power adjustment plus lumbar, where they formerly had four-way." -- Cars.com
  • "The backseat of the RL is roomier than last year's and fit three kids in booster seats with no problem. In the outboard seats especially my booster seats fit perfectly with no tilting or sliding." -- Mother Proof
  • "The RL holds four adults comfortably. The amply cushioned seats mold to your body to hold you in place. And the perforated leather not only prevents slipping or sliding, but also provides heating and cooling. While toasty seats are great in January, cooled seats are even better in August." -- Chicago Tribune

Interior Features

Cabin electronics earn Acura its reputation. An advanced, voice-controlled navigation system with current weather reports that actually plots routes based on real-time traffic reports is the highlight of the RL's technology package. An available solar-sensing climate control system is another impressive option -- it takes the position of the sun into account when adjusting temperature. Reviewers say it all works together fairly well, with none of the needless complication of BMW's iDrive or Mercedes-Benz's COMAND systems. 

  • "The 2009 Acura RL's interior is beautifully crafted and attractively designed. A swath of convincing or real (depending on trim level) wood trim flows into a neat waterfall center stack that integrates the car's sizable number of electronic functions." -- Edmunds
  • "The voice-recognition system allows you to get directions from the navigation system and adjust the climate controls. Of course, you can also do that with a knob on the center stack, too. The systems are really easy to figure out, especially considering all the options that are available." -- Mother Proof
  • "Controls are where you expect them, including the interface dial that operates audio and climate systems, as well as the navigation system, if so equipped. Though a bit unwieldy at first, the controller dial is simple to get the hang of. With some practice (and the technology package), it's easy to reroute around traffic, view the weather forecast, and even perform currency calculations." -- Motor Trend
  • "The RL was an Editors' Choice pick in its 2005 debut, when its features put it in a tech class of its own. Needless to say, the rest of the world caught up and then some since then, but the RL fights back with a few new features, such as weather reporting and automatic route recalculation around traffic. The automatic climate-control system takes GPS data into account and adjusts for the position of the sun relative to each passenger. We're not sure if this is jumping the tech shark, but we like it." -- CNET


The trunk of the 2009 RL is still one of the smallest in its class, and in-cabin storage options are just average.

  • "The trunk measures 13.1 cubic feet in capacity, a somewhat disappointing figure for this class." -- Edmunds

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