Best Lease Deals on Trucks This March

Toyota Tacoma
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March's Best Pickup Truck Lease Deals

Whether you’re heading to the woods for a camping trip, or looking to brighten up your yard, Spring is a great time to buy a pickup truck.

Pickups are great for doing your dirty work: Hauling mulch home from the garden center in bulk is quicker and saves you money. You can easily throw bikes or kayaks in the bed, often without worrying about tying them down. Most pickups can even pull sizable trailers if you’re heading to the lake to water ski, your favorite camp site, or even hauling a pair of horses to an equestrian show. Ask any contractor, and he’ll confirm that pickups make building projects easy.

Manufacturers are offering great lease deals on pickups for the spring, ranging from $149 to $349 a month. Those deals aren’t just on stripped out models, either. Most are on Quad Cab or Club Cab trucks with four-wheel-drive, and V8 engines.

Here are the best deals we found for March. Most expire on the 31st, so if you need a truck, act quickly. A few last until April 3, however. So check with your local dealership to get all of the details.