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You Could Get a Good Deal on These Redesign-Ready Rides

Huge cash rebates, zero-percent financing, cheap lease deals, and low monthly payments can be huge lures to bring car shoppers into a dealership. (Check out great car deals here.But beware. These big deals often apply to models sitting on dealer lots long past their pull-by date.

Even some 2016 models may be little more than carryovers of those that went on sale five years ago or longer. Given long automotive development cycles, they were probably designed several years before that. Not only do they lack the latest features – such automatic emergency braking and mobile app integration – they often don’t meet the latest crash safety standards in testing by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS). Many models guzzle gas in an era when fuel efficiency is increasingly meaningful to consumers.

In the past several years, cars have also been making great strides in handling, ride, and basic interior livability. For instance, most newer cars come with convenient places to plug in and charge your cell phone.

Reliability surveys show brand-new models can be buggy in their first year on the market, but the problems usually go away by the second year after a redesign. So without resorting to the deep-discount bin, you can easily find a good price on a perfectly reliable car with all the latest gear – in a model that has been on the market only a year or two.

Most new cars are significantly redesigned every five years, with minor updates every two or three years. Here are 10 models that have been on the market so long that even average models have left them in the dust. Most are so old that there’s no longer a good reason to choose them over any modern competitor, no matter how big the discount. A few were good enough when they were new that they still make decent bargains – as long as you’re willing to live with their compromises. New designs for 2017 have already started rolling into many dealerships, so any car that debuted before 2012 could already have passed its shelf life. 

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