6 Fuel-Efficient Cars That Were Victims of Low Gas Prices

Dodge Dart
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Dodge Dart

If parent company Fiat Chrysler ends production of the Chrysler 200, the Dodge Dart will be going too, under the same reasoning.

The Dart, a small five-passenger sedan, earns praise for its affordability and its handling chops, but experts say the base engine is underpowered. The base 2.0-liter four-cylinder provides 160 horsepower, and although it delivers only average fuel economy for its segment, it's currently the most efficient vehicle in Dodge's lineup. The Dart's optional engine upgrades produce more power while sacrificing only a few miles per gallon, but none are noteworthy or truly competitive in this area. In other words, Dodge wasn't marketing the Dart to fuel-conscious customers in the first place; the Dart just happened to be the best they had.

A lineup comprised entirely of large people-movers and traditional American muscle cars may be more appropriate for Dodge's current image, but it's hard to see the brand making such a move if decision-makers (and their customers) were really concerned about prices at the gas pump. 

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