6 Fuel-Efficient Cars That Were Victims of Low Gas Prices

Toyota RAV4 EV
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Toyota RAV4 EV

Toyota canceled the RAV4 EV SUV in late 2014 with little fanfare. A fully electric version of the brand's popular RAV4, the RAV4 EV was notable for a few reasons. It was the only electric SUV available in the United States at the time, and it was made possible thanks to Toyota's partnership with Tesla Motors. It's also a little-known fact that this was Toyota's second attempt at an electric RAV4 (the first made its debut in 1997, and fewer than 1,500 examples were sold).

The RAV4 EV was powered by a Tesla-supplied lithium-ion battery pack that made 154 horsepower and could travel up to 103 miles on a charge, but steep prices made these specs seem much less impressive than they actually were. While news reports about the RAV4 EV's cancelation said the model only existed to meet California emissions requirements, that still fails to fully explain why it never caught on with its intended audience (especially after the massive cash incentives that were offered). Toyota, for its part, says on the RAV4 EV's website that the brand remains committed to developing next-generation high-mileage and zero-emission vehicles. Plus, Toyota introduced the RAV4 Hybrid for 2016, and it’s currently doing well in our compact SUV rankings.  

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