5 SUVs With the Best Third-Row Seats

suvs with 3 rows
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It's convenient to carry seven or eight people when you need to. But if the rearmost passengers have to engage in a series of moves worthy of Cirque du Soleil to access the last row, or if they find themselves sitting with their knees next to their ears, having this extra room isn't much help.

By offering seating that is both spacious and comfortable, SUVs and crossovers with excellent third-row seats go beyond simply accommodating extra people. Rigid benches are replaced with seats that are shaped and padded. Though you still won't be able to stretch out as much as a front passenger, highly-rated third-row seats offer enough room to accommodate passengers who are more than 5 feet tall. These SUVs sometimes also feature wide doors or second-row seats that slide forward effortlessly, allowing easier access to the rear. We found five SUVs and crossovers with well-designed third-row seats that are comfortable enough to suit the entire crew.