2018 Lexus LC 500: Latest Pictures and Facts

2018 Lexus LC
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Check Out the All-New Lexus LC Coupe, Lexus' Range-Topping 2-Door

With its new LC 500 coupe, Lexus is going upscale. They’re gunning to compete with the likes of Aston Martin more than just everyday luxury brands like Mercedes-Benz.

Lexus has long been seen as a reliable alternative to mainstream luxury cars, with a host of practical SUVs and luxury sedans. What it has always lacked is a halo car, a glittery piece of shining neon that’s truly sporty, to draw acolytes to the showroom. Once these fans arrive, they’re more likely to buy another Lexus model, even if they can’t afford the crown jewel. The LC 500 is designed to be that car.

Previous top-flight Lexus models have fallen flat in that mission: the original SC coupes of the 1990s perhaps came closest; the later SC hardtop convertibles drew Lexus fans up from more practical models, but it didn’t really wow any new customers.

The leather-swathed, 467-horsepower, rear-wheel drive LC that is styled like a concept car ups the Lexus game at least a couple of notches. It offers cutting-edge styling, driving dynamics previously unseen in Lexus models, and a sumptuous interior bathed in leather and suede. Read on through the following slides to see what else sets it apart.

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