2017 Jeep Grand Cherokee vs. 2017 Ford Explorer: Head to Head

2017 Jeep Grand Cherokee vs. 2017 Ford Explorer
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Jeep Grand Cherokee vs. Ford Explorer: Which Should You Buy?

It’s hard to shop for a midsize SUV without considering two of the segment’s American-made mainstays: the Jeep Grand Cherokee and the Ford Explorer.

The Jeep Grand Cherokee is the pinnacle of the Jeep family, boasting off-road capability, an attractive cabin, and a powerful engine lineup. The Ford Explorer, the foundation of the automaker’s stable, boasts Ford’s latest infotainment system and a third row that brings seating capacity to seven. With several trims and a range of powertrains, both SUVs try to cater to every buyer’s wallet.

Read ahead to find out which one is better for you.