The Best Minivans for the Money in 2017

2017 Chrysler Pacifica
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Here Are the Top Vehicles From U.S. News' 2017 Best Minivan for the Money Awards

The minivan market is a small club these days. As SUVs have risen in popularity, the venerable minivan, famed people hauler of the 80s and 90s, has become more of a niche vehicle. 

But if your vehicular priorities are practicality, seating space, ease of entry and exit, and cargo capacity, minivans are a great option. And while the minivan is, above all else, all about practical family travel, some contemporary minivans offer quantities of horsepower and a level of handling competence that would have been unimaginable in a minivan a generation ago.

So which minivans offer the most bang for the buck?

Evaluating all of the new minivans based on overall quality, initial price, reliability, and long-term costs of ownership, we've identified three minivans that stretch your dollar further than the rest.

Check out the following slides to see which minivans offer the best value.