9 Best Luxury SUVs of 2016

2016 BMW X1
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Best Luxury SUVs

Luxury SUV buyers know what they’re looking for when they arrive on the lot. On the outside, they want a sleek exterior that is modern and original. Under the hood, they expect capable engines with abundant torque and zippy acceleration. Inside, they want a sophisticated interior made with premium, durable materials that look and feel luxurious. Leather, or a leather-like material such as Lexus’ NuLuxe, is a must. Luxury car brands are expected to offer seats with multiple adjustment options above and beyond what comes standard in most vehicles.

Luxury SUV buyers don’t want to compromise when it comes to safety technology. Collision warning systems, adaptive cruise control, and blind spot monitoring are expected to be available. Top-rated SUVs should also have infotainment systems that are compatible with a variety of handheld devices.

Above all, buyers want the best SUV they can get for their money. If you're looking for the best luxury SUV, you've come to the right place. Read on to see which luxury SUVs made our list.

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